Our recent event, hosted at the Institute of Directors focused on the extremely relevant issue of Well-being in the Workplace. We were delighted to introduce our guest speaker, Nerina Ramlakhan a renowned physiologist and sleep therapist who is author of several successful publications including Tired But Wired and appears regularly on This Morning.

Nerina spoke to our guests about how to best manage stress which effects us both in our working & personal life. This involved several examples of day-to-day coping mechanisms and an open debate on the issues induced buy stressed which seem to re-occur and how these can be best managed within the workplace.

It was a brilliant opportunity for our clients to network and discuss such an important topic, we look forward to inviting your business to our next topical event.


Dr Nerina Ramlakham was wonderful; she really set me up for a long, tough day, and has given me plenty to think about.

Browns Fashion

Thank you for the invite, it was a great session- a subject that is of great interest for me and Nerina was fantastic!


Thank you for organising such an inspiring forum for leaders within the industry – well-being is very close to all of our hearts. The forum provided me with an enriching experience and has inspired me to further develop the well-being practice for our employees.