Di Bridges Partnership Roundtable


These events bring a wide audience of industry professionals together in great locations to discuss contrasting viewpoints. Led by a panel of brand and retail experts, the evening always proves thought provoking and inspirational to all who attend.


A year of challenge and uncertainty – where ambiguity becomes the norm – where possibility and probability become strategies. Never a more important time than now to surround yourself with smart people.

Early this year we had a series of Leadership Workshops planned from February to April cancelled due to the pandemic.  These workshops forming part of the consultative arm of the practice. Di is now working with other business partners to elevate these workshops to support change through evolving business models, bringing fresh strategic thinking for team development and wellbeing programs to build confidence in the future.  Providing clients and leadership groups of any size business honest consulting, advice and a helping hand on the tough decisions and possible alternatives – to save jobs, consolidate business and help deliver a future for all stakeholders, their staff and the customer.

How valuable and reliable is psychometric testing to employers? – 14th May 2014

The subject of ‘How valuable and reliable is psychometric testing to employers?’ generated lots of interest and interesting discussions with a handpicked audience of HR professionals. “Thank you for inviting me this morning. It was indeed [...]

May 14th, 2014|