Our Ethos and Values…

‘life is about inspiration and trust, which is important right now more than ever’

We are used to operating with corporate brands and inspiring individuals in small entities –  on a UK and international playing field, working with the economic shifts in each zone ensuring that there is intelligence of general business and not just in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Having had the benefit of working internationally for most of her career, Di encourages debate and interest in-house on all the key changes in the world that could affect our business and that of our clients. Knowledge is power is a hackneyed phrase but there is wisdom and an essential edge to be gained from being well-informed.

Di guards the high reputation of the practice with zeal, believing the team that work within the business are key to success. High ethics are the main driver, transparency on process and a constant communication; an ethical approach to business and importantly that the right team are working with a particular client.

This takes building a relationship from the off, being highly attentive to appreciate the client DNA, their vision, strategy and key goals for a piece of work – drilling down to quantify as much finite detail/competencies as required. Our client portfolio speaks for itself as does our reputation.