Develop People with Coaching & Mentoring

Harness your internal Talent to grow your business

The power of mentoring key executives and coaching to upskill teams within an organisation, regardless of its size, is both tangible and exciting. This is a time of world change and a time where business needs a strong core of self-confidence and multiple skills to better meet these challenges.

Power and knowledge affect the culture and behaviour of any organisation. Support in these two key areas of personal development is key to the diversity, progression and growing success of a business and its brand and will touch consumer confidence through measurable success.

Human resources have an important part to play in working with an external mentor or coach to see clearly the company culture and why an external partner is better placed to bring fresh and unbiased analysis and thinking to either a mentoring or coaching program. Also to support the identification of internal mentors and coaches.

What are the true definitions of and differences between mentoring and coaching?

Mentoring is based on supporting individuals in finding their identity within an organisation.

It is personal relationship between mentor and mentee – built on trust through the development of a personal and business relationship to support the individual in balancing their life and enable them to self-promote their personal development as a more self-aware and self-confident employee and leader. Mentoring is developed through critical thinking and listening in an environment designed to promote transformation to whatever degree required. A mentor sees an individual’s view of the world and relates that to their everyday responsibilities and position within an organisation and their own life.

It is a long term relationship program – less easy to measure, but significant in its power to take the person and the business to a more clearly defined culture. It is akin to counselling.

Coaching is a one directional program. It is task driven to better enable an employee to develop with their coach imparting expert knowledge.

Always professional, development is more easily measured based on the results of the coaching and impact on an employee’s immediate role and environment. Coaching will generate a more skilled employee and a more able business, and is more akin to teaching. The line managers play an important role in the identification of the requirements and skills that will better enable the employee to carry out their role and asset value to the business, and in turn build their confidence.

The tricky part is where there is a cross-over after coaching has impacted behaviours. There lies the multiple skill of the coach/mentor – someone who is both a confident facilitator and builder of self-confidence as a mentor who can simultaneously occupy the role of instructor and educator as a coach. This can seldom be provided by the same person, but on occasion, it can be.

The partnership has the skills and the experience to provide these services through our internal resource and external partners. We can support a business of any size, enable their teams through coaching and support their executives and leaders of now and in the future through mentoring programs.

Never has there been a more vital time to better enable the key people in your business develop themselves and in turn support the business excel.