‘I just wanted to say thank you for this evening, it was really interesting & yes could have gone on longer’


‘Thanks for the invite last night – very interesting.’

‘Thanks for last night, it was really interesting.’


‘We had a really fab time! It was so interesting!’

Gucci Group

‘Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. In these uncertain times, coming together and discussing how to best drive our businesses and lead our teams, has never been more important.’

Ted Baker

I really enjoyed it and what a great group you pulled in.
Jane Boardman, CEO, Talk PR

I found it a great evening, and I’m glad the feedback is positive

Tessa Cook, E-Commerce Managing Director, Dyson

‘Thank you for organising last night’s event.  I enjoyed the company of the panellists and their outlook on things.  I was pleasantly surprised how engaged the Audience was with each topic raised and it supported the relevance of the topics chosen and discussed – well done!’

Value Retail Management

‘Many thanks for the invitation – it’s always good to hear different perspectives on our current challenges!
Great panel though, and good to catch up with everyone.’
John Lewis